9-10 April 2021
How the Best in People will Make the Worst of Times Livable: Science and Responsible (Management) Education to Shape the Futureare

Academic Student Conference
"Student Gaidar 2021"
The main principle is that within the same discussion platform (section, block) all participants in the panel (group of experts) act as absolutely equal discussants, regardless of whether they are undergraduate students, masters, teachers, specialists, professors or business representatives. This approach creates among students who are primarily addressed to the conference, a sense of their relevance, values, they feel respectful attitude from senior colleagues and other students, which allows them to overcome shyness, constraint, insecurity in their abilities. This gives them invaluable experience in public speaking in one of the most modern formats used in public discussions in science, politics and business.
The collection of scientific articles
The collection of scientific articles based on materials of Student Gaidar 2021 conference
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Sergey P. Myasoedov, RANEPA Vice-Rector, addresses the Student forum
The Institute of Business Administration (IBS) RANEPA is hosting the 3rd Student Gaidar Academic Conference (SG-3) on April 9 and 10, 2021.

The modern world is developing torrentially; the future, the desired and the inevitable alike, determines the present, and reality takes on the features of uncertainty, it combines opposite scenarios. In such conditions, in order to win, one must be able to cogitate, switching between spontaneous and well-thought decisions, must be able to take risks, breaking patterns, trusting intuition. We need new, non-traditional approaches to (business) education that will teach just that.

That is the reason why the upcoming SG-3 conference holds this working title "How the Best in People will Make the Worst of Times Livable: Science and Responsible (Management) Education to Shape the Future"
Student Gaidar 2021
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New Expert Talk every week!
Expert Talks are series of conversations with experts from Business, Education, Climate Change and underlying science. We welcome specialists in Digital Transformation, International Relations, Sociology and Generational Theory. We plan to talk with those who know everything about Urban Trends. Also on the agenda: FinTech and probably Global Health. Don't miss! Watch and share and leave comments.
Student Gaidar 2021 is this week!
Speakers and Experts are busy getting prepared!
Conference margins
Key experts and speakers
Only the most recognized experts
Key experts and speakers
Only the most recognized experts
Pavel Poteev
Leading Expert Center for training of Digital transformation leaders RANEPA
Mikhail Yulkin
General Director CarbonLab
Tim Mescon
Executive Vice President and Chief Officer EMEA, AACSB
Marianna Krell
Expert Center for training of Digital transformation leaders RANEPA
Dr. Ankit Katrodia
North West University
Mafikeng Campus - South Africa
Dr. Evgeniya Shamis
IBS RANEPA, CEO Sherpa S Pro, RuGenerations
Mohammad Fateh Ali Khan Panni
Senior Lecturer and Program Coordinator of MBA BAC International Study Centre, Bangladesh
Dr. Emil Velinov
"RISEBA" University of Applied Sciences, Riga, Latvia
Antonio de Araujo Freitas Junior
Provost of Fundação Getulio Vargas - FGV, Brazil
Elizaveta Oleynikova
Adjunct Prof IBS RANEPA, MSc Occupational Psychology, researcher RANEPA, Chair of HR management
Fernando Troilo
UCEMA: HR Program Director and Professor at UCEMA Business School, Argentina
Prof. Dr. Hasret Balcioglu
Board Member of YODAK (Higher Education Planning, Evaluating, Accrediting, and Coordinating Council), Member of Equivalence Committee, North Cyprus
Yulia Kuznetsova
Geomorphologist and climatologist, PhD, Lomonosov MSU, Geographical department. Science journalist
Alexey Chigadaev
iMARS China, Head of Asian Projects, Carnegie Moscow Center
Leonid Grigoryev
HSE, Academic Supervisor Lab for Economics of Climate Change
George Safonov
HSE, Director, Centre for Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Pavel Konstantinov
Senior lecturer, Geographical Department, Lomonosov MSU, Chief meteorologist, MSU Meteo Observatory
Emil Martirosyan
IBS RANEPA, Business and Managerial Strategies
Vitaliy Epshtein
Senior lecturer, International Relations Department, IBS RANEPA
Vasiliy Lemutov
Sinologist, co-author of special projects for Kommersant Publishing House
Тemur Umarov
Consultant, Carnegie Moscow Center; Expert on Central Asia
Anastasia Muravieva
Sinologist, Yenching Scholar in Beijing university, Carnegie Moscow Center
Natalya Petrova
Deputy Dean Department of Health management IOM RANEPA
Maria Belyakova
Deputy dean Department of Sport management
Konstantin Korishenko
Chair of Stock markets and Financial engineering at RANEPA, f.Deputy head of the Russian Central Bank
Irina Shanaeva
Head Sustainable Marketing Department RedMe Cause Marketing Agency
Roman Rudoy
MA Urban Studies, Adjunct Proffesor., Head of the bachelor program "Urban Management"
Andrey Fedotov
MGIMO University and Carnegie Moscow Center (Internship)
Alexey Dertev
Master student and a research intern at the HSE and Carnegie Moscow Center (Internship)
Fedor Romanov
Expert in digital transformation and big data. 5 years experience in big data product development (telecom and government)
Igor Makarov
Associate Professor, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs / School of World Economy, Laboratory for Economics of Climate Change
Pyotr Cheremushkin
Senior Research Fellow, Association of the Researchers of Russian Society of XXth Century, AIRO-XXI, F. "Interfax" Correspondent to the United States
Alexander Chekov
Centre for Prospective American research,Chair for International Relations and Rusiian Foreign Policy
Varvara Mironova
MSU Geography Dep. for Medical Geography, spec in Dissimination of parasitory infections related to Climate change
Olga Gavrilina
Ass.Prof Chair of Adveritising and marketing, IIM RANEPA. Fashion, beauty and sports marketing; marketing of educational services
Arina Fadeeva
IIM RANEPA, Department for Hospitality, Head teacher and teacher trainer, course designer, Cambridge CELTA, DELTA, TKT, Trinity College London
Irina Bosshard
Managing director at Impulse Hospitaliry, Sales and marketing specialist for hospitality, f.Vice-President at Interstate Hotels and Resorts, Moscow
Ilgiz Gimalitdinov
Blockchain incubator, VC (equity, ICOs), advisory and tech consulting. Department Finance and Banking, RANEPA
Kirill Masliev
Prevention and integrative medicine, medical rehabilitation, sports medicine. Deputy Head of the Expert Council for the RF Triathlon Federation
Alina Boldyreva
Assistant Professor IBS RANEPA
Katharina Arnold
Counsellor - Climate Diplomacy, Science & Economics, British Embassy Moscow
Organising Committee
Elena N. Novikova
Liaison RANEPA officials
Irina I. Soschina
Invention idea
Programme Director

Philipp A. Lapin
Media content
Elizaveta Oleynikova
Expert Liaison
Networks, Partnerships, Collaborations, Coalitions
Networks, Partnerships, Collaborations, Coalitions
A day of condensed experience and new knowledge
Students and experts as equal and peer disputants in problem solving
Only the super-on-demand experts
from 20 countries
Revisiting SG 2020
The AACSB Association recognized SG-2020 as a highly risky, very successful and the then largest online forum in higher education, and RABE proposed to extend the experience of such student forums in 2021 to the entire Alliance for Management Development Associations in Rising economies. This, undoubtedly, imposes a great responsibility on the IBS RANEPA as an executor of this very challenging task.
Revisiting SG 2019
It was a truly ambitious project, and we managed to carry out almost everything we had planned - not only Education, but also other seven were built in a higher specification, though the preparation process was performed at a distance, and in some cases students, moderators, experts and organizers only today switched from "virtual" acquaintanceship, that is, met in person.
Many thanks to the students for warmly embracing the idea of holding a large extracurricular, albeit educational, event and enthusiastically working on its implementation, although the issues discussed, the preparation methods, and the format itself were not student at all. They are interested in many things, they are not afraid of acute and complex problems, they speak quite good, and sometimes very good English. Masters, foreign students joined (special thanks to everyone who contributed to this), demonstrating the internationalization of business education at the RANEPA. The event, organized by students and for students, has become a real "Student Gaidar", with a grown-up approach to discussing global trends.
Let's hope - as because we all want this happen, that this initiative will become an important annual event in the calendar of the Presidential Academy.
Revisiting SG 2020
82, Vernadskogo Prospekt, Moscow
Bulding 5

E-mail: info@student-gaidar.ru
Telegram: @sg-2020